Woodland Management

We are responsible for managing a 32 acre woodland. This is a mixed woodland consisting of birch and oak with some alder and sycamore and an area of Sitka spruce. This wood has not been managed for many years. Our first priority was to clear the windblown spruce and to start thinning between the rows of oak trees. This will let in more light to the forest floor and should encourage a greater variety of flora to grow. The oak trees will then be thinned and the weaker ones removed. We will then high prune the oaks, removing the thin, lower branches in order to produce good quality timber in the future. The area of cleared Sitka spruce will be replanted with spruce and also with some native broadleaves.

Click here to see some pictures of work in the wood and some videos of deer grazing in the woodland.

The thinnings from our work in the woodland is one of the sources of the wood used for our logs.

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